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What Is Background Check?

Background check is the detailed interrogation process where you go through someone’s past academic, professional, personal, and criminal records (if any) to understand if they have clean records in the past or are involved in any anti-legal activities, felons, cheating, or a history of incarceration at any facility.

This is to also verify if the details provided by someone about their education and personal life are true. The reason for conducting a background check might vary and the benchmark, regulations, and frequency change from one country to another. With FindPeopleFaster you can do background checks with ease.

Common Types of Background Check

  • Personal Background Check

    It’s always good to run a personal background check and see what information might be available to the universities or companies you apply for. This way you can make sure that your name is not listed in any problematic zones like offender or law encroachers lists.

    Small mistakes and errors usually happen when they compile data in the public information database. And by chance, this gets noticed by someone you lose the opportunity and your reputation is at stake too.

  • Credit Background Check

    Credit background check is mostly conducted by financial institutions like banks before offering a loan to an individual. This is the debt vs credit ratio estimated looking at the past loans, current liabilities, assets, income, loan repayment history, lapses made while repayment, etc.

    This is done to check if the applicant is capable enough to repay the debt along with its interest on time. They also take into account the applicant’s other credit inquiries, tax liens, and a list of payable and unpaid bills. Payment history gives a peek into understanding someone’s financial strength and capabilities.

  • Sexual Offender Registry Check

    The national sex offender registry holds the list of convicted criminals who are incarcerated for sexual crimes against someone. This list is maintained in order to monitor them closely and ensure they don’t commit similar felons again. There are both government and third-party databases which provide this data for the public. As a rule, during any background check, a sex offender registry check is also done.

  • Employment Background Check

    This is conducted by employers on their employees at the time of joining and also frequently to keep a check on them. They hire agencies to do a detailed analysis of their employees' work records, sincerity, and ethics shown at previous jobs, academic records, personal details verification, and criminal background check.

    However, you must follow Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and can only use FCRA compliant background check providers to conduct an employment background check.

  • Criminal Background Check

    Criminal background check is going through the records maintained by correctional facilities all over the country to find out if a person has a history of incarceration and law-breaking. This includes even the minor criminal activities like overspeeding, shoplifting, trespassing, drunk and drive, etc.

    To check the behavior, ethics, and integrity of someone, a criminal background check is usually conducted. The state’s correctional facility stores and maintains this database and with just the full name and state, one’s criminal records can be pulled out (if it exists).

What Information Will You Know From a Background Check?

Personal Information Records

Personal information like their details about their present and past occupation, their family members, birth date, their friends, coworkers, nicknames, and other personal details concerning that person. This record can reveal a lot about the person which they might have not discussed with anyone else.

Contact Information

The contact information like where does the person lives, their past addresses, email addresses, links to social media handles, etc. Using this, one can determine if there are frequent address changes which is a trait exhibited by those who commit crimes or try to escape taxes. Also, with their social media posts and shares, their social conduct and behavior can be established.

Arrest Records and Criminal Records

This includes past criminal records and charges of someone. It will include the reason for incarceration, duration and years of sentencing period, details of the facilities along with the county and the state, other law enforcements like penalties and tickets on account of minor crimes, custody, and trial-related information if any. This also covers the sex offender background check which will run a search and find out the sex offenses recorded against someone.

What Can FindPeopleFaster's Background Check Help You With?

Verify Online Buyers and Sellers

It’s okay to be concerned about your privacy as well as your money when you are investing in an online business. But before purchase, do a background check to validate if you are buying from the right person. The possibility of events like forgery, theft, and scams are higher while buying from an online business than offline.

Learn More About the Person You Met Online

Met someone online who is quite interesting, but you still have a doubt if they are who they claim to be? With a background check tool, you can find more about the person like their real name, family information, work details, education, marital status, etc… This will help you know if you can trust them or not.

Know More About Your Neighbors

Moved to a new neighborhood and am not sure who to befriend? Or do you have new neighbors who look too suspicious or too friendly? Get their basic details and quickly run a background check. Sometimes it’s not the same as how it’s shown. There might be a lot lying under and it can be unsafe to not know them especially if you hang around them a lot.

Research Yourself

To check what others can see about you is also important. That’s why you should do a personal background check and find out the whole list of information available online. This way, if you spot any errors or false information, you can report and take it down. It can be curious for some people to find out what their bio and background check reveals.

Research Your New Roommate

Half of us rely on community groups and connections with other friends to get a roommate. As you are going to stay together, you need to make sure that the other person can be trusted. Don't be ashamed to do a background check and find out if it is safe to stay with them. Check the past of them using their basic information to keep yourself away from potential offenders and wrongdoers.

How to Conduct an Online Background Check With FindPeopleFaster?

You can conduct an online background check with FindPeopleFaster by following the following easy steps.

  • Step 1 - Go to the 'Background Check' section available at the top of this page.

  • Step 2 - Enter the first name and last name of the person you want more background information about.

  • Step 3 - You can also select the state where the person is if you know it. This can help in filtering the records as much as possible.

  • Step 4 - Click on the 'Start Search' button to initiate the search.

  • Step 5 - Once the results are retrieved, you can review them and choose the best matching data from it to view all the complete information about the person.

Considerations When Choosing a Background Check Company

  • Accreditation and Compliance

    There are a few guidelines that the background check services company must follow and a few accreditations that it must have obtained. One of them is FCRA. The company must be FCRA compliant to be able to do pre-employment searches and interrogations of someone. Otherwise, it’s illegal to do that search. For stricter guidelines, find a company that has NAPBS (National association of professional Background screeners) accreditation.

  • Accuracy

    Producing fake, incorrect, and outdated data can ruin someone’s life. Hence, you should always go for companies that are trustworthy and strictly produce accurate background check records. It also sounds unprofessional for an agency to come up with incorrect background records doing the opposite of what they committed to.

  • Turnaround Time

    Companies keep their decisions pending till they receive the background records report. The response time should be shorter and the background check service provider should come up with faster results and should have a low turnaround time.

  • Customer Support

    Having friendly and timely customer support is a must-needed for a background check provider. Because there are many moments where their customers turn up to them and ask questions and raise concerns. There should be a support system that will answer your queries on time. Choose a service provider based on these criteria too.

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Background Check FAQs

What is a background check service accreditation?

A background check service is accredited implies that the company follows strict rules set by the regulatory acts like Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs).

Why do background checks?

When you do background checks you can know more about anyone whose information you enter. You can use it to verify the authenticity of people you met online or details about online sellers and buyers, etc...

How long does it take to run a background check?

After you type in all the information and click on the 'Start Search' option, our system will take a maximum of a few minutes.

What can you find in a background check?

You can find people's names, addresses, age, criminal records, public records information like marriages, divorces, children, relatives they are associated with, etc...

What background check compliance laws do I need to be aware of?

The most important background check law to be aware of are:

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)- This governs how people use the information got from the background check service. It also requires people to get permission from the people before doing a background check that will be used for legal reasons.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) - This ensures that background search cannot be done with an intent to show partiality in the form of age, sex, race, etc...

Also, compliance laws vary between states. So, it is important to check the background check laws in your state before using them for legal purposes.

How do background checks work?

When you enter the details of the person you look up, our system scans through various databases and fetches the matching records. It then compiles the data and produces them for you to review.

Start Your First Background Check Right Now!

With the rise in identity theft and other crimes, background checks have become a necessary step for anyone who wants to work with people. They allow you to make better choices about anything, anywhere. FindPeopleFaster will help you find details about anyone very fast. Start doing background checks now!