Frequently Asked Questions

What Is FindPeopleFaster?

FindPeopleFaster is a people search website that helps you find publicly available information about anyone. We help people to look up details like addresses, phone numbers, demographics, criminal records, and so on. With FindPeopleFaster, you can save your time and efforts to search for someone's complete background information available in one place.

How to Use FindPeopleFaster?

FindPeopleFaster is very user-friendly and using it is as simple as doing a search on any search engine. You can simply visit our FindPeopleFaster website's home page, and enter your name, address, or any other information you have about someone. The website is so robust and spontaneous that as soon as you click on the 'Search' button, your results will be returned in a matter of minutes.

What Information Can I Search Using FindPeopleFaster?

FindPeopleFaster offers an intuitive people searching service where you can look up information about anyone available in public records. You can search for various details like name, address, phone number, arrest records, and much more.

Where Is the Data Collected for These Reports?

FindPeopleFaster collects data from various public records databases available on the state, federal, or county level. We also have integrations with some trustworthy third-party data vendors through which data are compiled in one place for easy access.

Are My Searches Confidential?

Yes, all the searches conducted on FindPeopleFaster and the reports generated are very confidential. The person you are looking up for will not be notified and will never know that you searched for information about them.

Can I Use FindPeopleFaster for Employment Background Searches?

No, the information you get from FindPeopleFaster must not be used for employment background searches. Any employer must abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) rules for any background screening.

Is Searching People's Information with FindPeopleFaster Legal?

Yes, usage of the FindPeopleFaster’s people search service is legal no matter what your location is.

Is It Safe to Use FindPeopleFaster?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use FindPeopleFaster for any type of information search. We do not track any of your search history or private information.

How Can I Opt-out My Information from People Search Databases?

In case you see your personal details in FindPeopleFaster’s search results and you want to remove your info, you can easily opt-out. You can do that by following these simple steps. We respect your privacy and help you opt-out of the people search database effortlessly.

Why Should I Prefer FindPeopleFaster Over Other Services?

FindPeopleFaster provides the most reliable and precise people records online. You don’t need to register or create an account in order to perform a search. The robust system has an in-depth database that provides accurate results very fast.