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What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Reverse phone lookup or reverse number lookup is the process of pulling up a person’s records through their phone number. Reverse phone lookup tools that are available online help you to search with a phone number and locate the person it belongs to.

It is called reverse lookup because the search is usually done with a name and other details to find contact information. But this search process is just the opposite of looking up the name and other details using a phone number and hence the name is reverse phone lookup.

Next time you receive a call from an unknown number before you choose to act or call back, you can perform a reverse number lookup, check who the person is and what their background is. Find your secret caller within seconds with a handy reverse phone lookup platform.

What Can You Know From a Reverse Phone Lookup?

  • Identity of the phone number's owner

    With a reverse phone lookup, you get details of the owner like their full name, aliases, date of birth, age, etc... that can tell you about the person.

  • Address of the owner

    This will give you where the owner of the phone number resides. This includes their residential address, city, state, etc... which can be used to locate the person.

  • Email Address

    You also get the email address of the owner which makes it easier to open a line of communication with the person.

  • Alternate Phone Numbers

    Other phone numbers that the person uses will also be listed for you to know.

  • Social Media Profiles

    Matching social media profiles of the person who owns the phone number are given to help you connect with them online.

  • Friends and Relatives Details

    You also get the details of the owner's possible family members, friends, colleagues, and other associates which can be used to get in touch with people they know.

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What Is the Process of a Reverse Phone Lookup?

When you search a random phone number on a search engine, it will instantly pull out records relevant to the number searched. This happens only if the number is already published by the user online. It will show everything that the user has made available for the public to see.

In the case of an unlisted and unpublished number, you will not be lucky enough to get the right information. This is when reverse phone lookup tools play a part. With FindPeopleFaster’s reverse phone lookup, you can simply enter the phone number along with the area code and click on the search button.

Then, our system will look up the matching records in our extensive database that includes public records, government websites, and third-party vendors. Then, matching records will be fetched from these databases. Within seconds, it can bring out associated information connected with the phone number even if it's unlisted in most places.

Why Should You Choose Our Email Search Service?

Family Safety

You see a phone number regularly calling your old parents or spouse or kids. Seeing an unknown number calling at odd timings can be alarming too. Protect your family from scammers trying to get money or important private details with a harmful motive by doing a phone lookup immediately.

Find a Person’s Location

Travelers often look for travel buddies and get their contact numbers before they get other details through connecting friends. Verify if they are close to you or in a convenient and reachable location before accepting the request.

Missed Caller Identity

When caller ID is available, it gets displayed over the screen when the call comes in. But when it’s not available, you have no clue who is calling. To rule out the fear and anxiety, open a reverse phone lookup and try a number search to reveal the details.

Background Checks an Online Buyer or Seller

Before you proceed with buying from a specific seller through cold calling, verify the number to check the name and business details associated with the number. Save your money from reaching into the wrong hands or your private banking details being exposed to evil people.

Reconnect with an Old Friend

People tend to change their numbers over time. Check your old buddy’s number before you proceed to call the number and get connected with someone else who has this number at this moment.

Know about Someone from an Online Dating Site

It’s not easy to instantly develop trust when you haven’t met. Don’t wait and risk anything valuable and try the phone number lookup or name search to verify if you are connected to the right person with a neat background.

How to Perform a Reverse Number Lookup With FindPeopleFaster?

Anyone can find complete information about the person who called me from this phone number using FindPeopleFaster's reverse number lookup. You can follow the below step-by-step instructions to perform a reverse phone lookup without any trouble.

  • Step 1: Go to the 'Phone Lookup' section available at the top of this page.

  • Step 2: Enter the complete phone number along with the area code.

  • Step 3: Click the 'Start Search' button and wait for our system to retrieve the matching records.

  • Step 4: Review the results and click on the record that best matches your search so that you can see the complete results.

How to Conduct a Reverse Phone Lookup?

Other than our reverse lookup on the phone number with FindPeopleFaster, there are certainly other methods that you can use to conduct a cell phone number lookup with no charge.

Do a Google Search

A simple Google search can be done to do a phone lookup to find information about who called you from a particular phone number. You can do it by typing the phone number in the search box and clicking on search.

It will return millions of results, from which there is a chance that you may get the owner details somewhere. Also when you have entered a landline number with the area code, the results will easily tell which area the phone number belongs to.

If the phone number is used for fraudulent activities, there are chances that it may be talked about in public forums. In such cases, Google results will show you the discussion. However, it is quite difficult and time-consuming to spot the right owner through Search engines.

Using Social Media

You can also use social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to do a reverse number lookup. You can type the phone number and look for the accounts registered using the particular phone number.

You may be able to get details about who owns that phone number from them if they have made it public. Else you can check if you have friends in common and get an idea of who the caller may be.

Still, this method is not quite reliable as either there are no accounts related to that number or the spammer may have created a fake account purposefully to mislead people or simply the person has made their details private.

Where Does FindPeopleFaster Get This Information?

Primarily, the information returned in FindPeopleFaster is obtained from the public records database. Below are some of the other ways that explain how it works.

The first part of the number may contain the city or state’s phone code, so it can predict the state and city. And if it’s owned by a business or a person and how long it has been in use. The method by which they obtain the data varies on landlines and cell phones.

In the case of landline numbers, directory assistance always has access to the numbers and associated registered individuals or businesses. Upon contact, one can get the name and other details. This information is obtained by companies like FindPeopleFaster from the service providers.

Reverse phone lookup tools also make use of caller ID which is provided by the phone service providers who use high-end protocols like voice over the internet. Caller ID contains the data provided by the user while purchasing the phone and the sim service.

Additionally, phone number lookup tools websites buy data in huge amounts from trustworthy places where user information is collected.

What Is the Advantage of FindPeopleFaster?

  • Quick and Easy to Use

    We value your time and don’t take much of it by redirecting from one page to another. Online lookup tools can sometimes waste too much time by making their users scroll through multiple pages or enter too much information before they see the actual results.

  • Efficient and Gives Instant Results

    FindPeopleFaster has access to over billions of directory sources and social media networks which it connects with right away to produce instant results. It also taps into a few sources that are only available to licensed members and not to everyone on the internet to get accurate results.

  • Advanced Features and Updates

    Some tools only provide basic information with which it can be hard to predict who has called. Or it can take time to highlight the right one. FindPeopleFaster has advanced features and filters. If you know any other information other than a phone number, you can shorten the search.

  • Privacy Assurance and Best Customer Support

    Our customer service officers are always ready to answer your queries and solve your concerns. Safeguarding the privacy of our customers is our utmost priority and we never save your search information or trigger notification to the owner of the number when searched.

Privacy Concerns

Reverse phone lookup has its own sets of issues and privacy concerns too. One must be careful while choosing the website to not fall prey to this.

Private information goes stolen - There are many number lookup tools that do not procure data in an ethical way. They either show wrong information or try to get money in the exchange of data that might be true or untrue.

Also, when you provide your personal details to view the searched records, they entirely get added to the directory of the website you are in. This is how they get the majority of the contact details.

Removal of your contact number and other data - you will have to contact the lookup service providers to take down your number or any private information that is displayed along with it if you don’t want your name to get listed. It is a cumbersome job when you decide to quit these services.

What Do Our Customers Think of Us?

So addicted to using this website! I used to get irritated when I received phone calls from unknown numbers with no caller ID. Most of them are purely sales and scam calls which could have been avoided. So glad I found FindPeopleFaster I instantly search them and find who it is. Thanks and kudos to the team for developing a user-friendly and helpful application!

- Denver S, Philadelphia

I dodged a scammy prank call with the help of FindPeopleFaster. I kept receiving a call from a suspicious number even at odd times. Luckily, I found FindPeopleFaster. A timely search led to the revelation about the caller and their intent. I have blocked the number now.

- Nancy Smith, Washington

Best phone lookup tool ever! I wasted time and money on useless lookup tools that didn’t work. FindPeopleFaster gave results right away and what’s awesome is, it’s completely helpful!!!

- Liz Garcia, Ohio

Feeling smart prying the pryers. It’s so cool finding out these scammers and exposing them in my circle. They are so busted…

- Noah, San Diego, California

Reverse Phone Lookup FAQs

Will the phone number owner know that I looked up their details?

No, your search history will be anonymous and will not be stored in our directory. Hence, there is no chance that your details will be shared with anyone.

Is it legitimate to do a reverse number lookup on someone?

Yes, it is completely legal to do a reverse phone number lookup. It is regulated by Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) making it a legitimate and safe service.

Can I find out someone's social security number using a phone lookup?

No, a phone number will only get you their address, name, and other publicly available information. You cannot find out confidential information like Social Security Number (SSN) through these sites.

How reliable is reverse phone lookup?

Reverse phone lookup with FindPeopleFaster is very much reliable as we get data from trustworthy sources. However, there are chances that public records and other sources may not be updated immediately after the actual data is changed.

How long will it take to do a reverse phone lookup?

Our robust system is very fast and has the capability to fetch you data within a few minutes of entering phone number information.

What should I do if I can't locate who or what I'm looking for?

If you haven't been able to get the information you were looking for, it may be because the particular person has removed their information deliberately from the database or can't be accessed for privacy reasons. In the case of landline numbers, you can also try adding location codes to try to spot people more specifically.

Who should I contact if I have issues with your services?

You can contact our active customer care team for any of your concerns. Our 24/7 support team will make sure your issues are resolved as soon as possible.

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